Weems open to a Euro-return

Weems open to a Euro-return


Sonny Weems will finish the season with the Sixers, however his contract is not quaranteed for the next season, he may become a free agent and he doesn’t exclude a return to Europe.

As the former CSKA Moscow forward said to csnphilly.com: “It was kind of an unexpected thing. I still had a contract in Russia, so it wasn’t really a set plan for me to come back this summer. It just kind of happened this way. … I did my time overseas. Four years is a long time, living in Moscow, Russia. You kind of grow up a little bit over there. I’m just happy to be back now. Just try to establish myself, that’s the ultimate goal. I kind of had an up-and-down NBA season. Now that I’m back and I’m 29 years old, I’m just trying to establish myself. If it doesn’t work out, I’m happy going back overseas. But my No. 1 priority is to stay here”.

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