The Warriors on the way to the record

The Warriors on the way to the record


History was made with the Golden State Warriors beating the San Antonio Spurs 92-86 on Sunday night. The Warriors joined the ranks of Michael Jordan’s Chicago Bulls, with a chance to surpass them with a historic 73rd win on Wednesday against the Memphis Grizzlies.

And finally, after 33 straight failures, the Warriors won another regular-season game in San Antonio, breaking the undefeated home streak of the Spurs for this season. Steph Curry with 37 points led the charge and according to Draymond Green they have Jordan’s blessing. “With Pip coming out and saying what he said, that’s cool,” Green said of Scottie Pippen’s recent prediction that the ’96 Bulls would sweep the 2016 Warriors. “At the end of the day, we respect those guys,” Green said. Then, he spoke of meeting Jordan and receiving a message. “Mike told me, at All-Star [Weekend], ‘Go win the record. Go get the record. If y’all don’t win this record, I’m ‘a be hot and I’m blaming you.’ We’re almost there. We got one more game or he gonna’ blame me”.

Meanwhile in the East, the eight playoffs teams are locked after the win of the Pacers against Brooklyn and the Chicago Bulls of Pau Gasol are out. Here are the Top10, the results of the day and the Euro-standouts.

Results of the day

Washington Wizards – Charlotte Hornets 113-98 (Gortat 21 p., 13 r.)
Houston Rockets – LA Lakers 130-110 (Motjejunas 8 p. 5 t.)
LA Clippers – Dallas Mavericks 98-91 (Nowitzki 14 p.)
Philadelphia Sixers – Milwaukee Bucks 108-109 (OT) (Antetokounmpo 14 p., 9 r., 7 as.)
Denver Nuggets – Utah Jazz 84-100 (Jokic 19 p., 11 r.)
Indiana Pacers – Brooklyn Nets 129-105 (Mahinmi 16 p.)
Miami Heat – Orlando Magic 118-96 (Fournier 21 p.)
San Antonio Spurs – Golden State Warriors 86-92 (Curry 37 p.)
New York Knicks – Toronto Raptors 89-93 (Vujasic 13 p.)

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