The NBA reacts to Curry’s new show

The NBA reacts to Curry’s new show


Everyone is talking about only one thing during the latest hours: How breathtaking Stephen Curry was last night. Again.

As you can see for yourself, some of the best players on the planet could not hide their amazement, after watching the wonder of the modern basketball doing some otherworldly stuff indeed.


Magic put it out simply: Stephen Curry might be the best…. ever!

This is how NBA stars reacted

You know there’s something truly amazing going on when Lebron expresses himself like that

Porzingis doesn’t know if he is dreaming or not

… plain and simple

Dirk could not believe what he was watching

Watching Curry play is a religious experience

Clarkson calls “crazy” on Curry

Lowry salutes his fellow athletes

… and Lillard is putting it mildly

Not only mr Rudy Gay

Also… some coaching concerns

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