The Bulls now want to resign Pau Gasol

The Bulls now want to resign Pau Gasol


Pau Gasol will finish the season at Chicago and now the Bulls are trying to re-sing him with a new deal in the summer as the “Chicago Tribune” reports.

Gasol will be 36 years old in July and as he admitted after the end of the trade deadline: “I’m happy here. I like a lot of things about my situation here. Now let’s see if we can make the basketball better. That would be ideal. If we can fix that, it’s obviously something I would want to continue to be a part of.”

Coach Fred Hoiberg added: “Pau obviously is having a great year. He had a really good season last year and carried it over to the summer where he helped his team win a European championship. I think he has gotten better as the season has gone on. I love what Pau brings. He’s a guy who can get Jimmy (Butler) easy baskets with his ability to throw the lob passes and his ability to play-make from all over the floor. Everybody in this organization values Pau a lot”.

And Gasol wants to win with the Bulls: “I don’t want to give up on this team just because we’re going through some difficulties. Things really haven’t turned out the way I wanted them to. But there are things that I couldn’t anticipate. All I can do is continue to give my best. And I do still believe we can still turn this thing around a little bit or a lot and put ourselves in a good position”.

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