Spurs beat the Warriors, big night for Dragic

Spurs beat the Warriors, big night for Dragic


The San Antonio Spurs remain unbeaten at home after prevailing over the Golden State Warriors is a preview of the West Finals. Defense was the key as the hosts got the 87-79 win as LaMarcus Aldridge had 26 points and 13 rebounds and Frenchman Boris Diaw was crucial, starting as a center. On the contrary Tim Duncan came from the bench.

The Warriors are still on top with a 62-7 record and Spurs just behind them with 59-10. That was not the only big game of the night. Despite 45 points by Paul George, the Oklahoma City Thunder got the 115-111 road win thans to the 14th triple double for the season (14 p., 10 r., 14 as.) and 33 points by Kevin Durant. Turkish center Enes Kanter contributed big from the bech, Slovenian Goran Dragic led Miami to the win over Cleveland Cavaliers and Zach Randolph registered his first ever triple double in Memphis’ win over the Clippers. Here’s the Top10 and the results of the day.

Results of the day
Charlotte Hornes – Denver Nuggets 93-101 (Jokic 11 p., 14 r.)
Detroit Pistons – Brooklyn Nets 115-103 (Bogdanovic 19 p.)
Indiana Pacers – OKC Thunder 111-115 (Kanter 15 p., 11 r.)
Washington Wizards – New York Knicks 99-89 (Porzingis 20 p., 7 r.)
Atlanta Hawks – Houston Rockets 109-97 (Schroder 14 p., 4 as.)
Miami Heat – Cleveland Cavaliers 122-101 (Dragic 18 p., 11 as.)
Chcago Bulls – Utah Jazz 92-85 (Mirotic 15 p., 6 r.)
Memphis Grizzlies – L.A.Clippers 113-102 (Randolph 28 p., 11 r., 10 as.)
San Antonio Spurs – Golden State Warrios 87-79 (Diaw 14 p., 8 r.)

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