Nowitzki introduces…. the DirkBurger

Nowitzki introduces…. the DirkBurger


After revolutionizing basketball, the time has come for Dirk Nowitzki to take the culinary world by storm. The German superstar of the Dallas Mavericks took the first step by creating a signature dish: The Dirk – Burger.

Honoring Nowitzki’s origins, the Dirkburger is served in a Bavarian pretzel bun and is compiled by a one-third-pound beef burger, jalapeno beer (what else?) cheese, bacon onion marmalade, arugula (or “some leaves” as Dirk likes to say) and mustard horseradish aioli. And now we became hungry.

Rumors that early tasters have described the Dirkburger with the phrase “it’s like Dirk is making jump shots in my mouth”, have not yet been confirmed.






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