Kobe: “Giannis can be a phenomenal player”

Kobe: “Giannis can be a phenomenal player”


Kobe Bryant answered to some Greek-centric questions to the Greek TV station OTE TV during the recent NBA All Star Game and one of the main topic of discussion was Giannis Antetokounmpo.

As he said to the “Pick and Roll” show: “Giannis is a fantastic player. His upside, it’s frightening. He can be a phenomenal player”.

Kobe also was asked about his decision to play in 2008 with Team USA and if the defeat of the Americans in the 2006 World Cup semifinal by the Greek national team was one of his motives. His answer was the following: “No, I always wanted to play for my national team, but due to injuries I couldn’t. The 2006 game was the last defeat of Team USA and I was looking forward to play, specially against Greece. They had big guards, Spanoulis and those guys. I wanted to match up with them… with Diamantidis. Those players were in my radar. I had to study them”.

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