Knicks dreaming about Pau Gasol

Knicks dreaming about Pau Gasol


While the Chicago Bulls are not ready to part ways with Pau Gasol, according to New York Post the Knicks would like to have the Spanish legend in their roster for the upcoming season.

It’s not a secret that Gasol “is close to Knicks president Phil Jackson” and that he “also has played under Knicks interim coach Kurt Rambis”. Pau Gasol has repeated many times that he is open in the idea to opt out from the Bulls in the summer and in that case the Knicks are expected to make a move.

According to the report “If Jackson makes a play for Gasol to be the perfect mentor to Porzingis, he always could attempt to trade Lopez, who has been effective since late December but also will make more than $13 million next season”.

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