Huertas on the spotlight, GSW wins without Curry

Huertas on the spotlight, GSW wins without Curry


Finally the Brazilian flair of Marcelo Huertas got reconginzed, as he got the top spot for an assists on the hightlights countdown!

Meanwhile the Golden State Warriors even without Steph Curry got the overtime win over Atlanta and now have a 54-5 record. Miami got the win in the big Eastern clash against the Bulls. Here’s the Top5 and today’s results with an eye on Europeans.

The results of the day

Golden State Warriors – Atlanta Hawks 109-105 (Τhompson 26 – Schroder 17 p., 9 as.)

Charlotte Hornets – Phoenix Sans  126-92 (Len 18 p., 12 r.)

Miami Heat – Chicago Bulls 129-111 (Gasol 15 p., 9 r., 6 as.)

New York Knicks – Portlant Trail Blazers 85-104 (Porzingis 11 p., 7 r.)

Dallas Mavericks – Orlando Magic 121-108 (Nowitzki 19 p., – Ilyasova 22 p.)

L.A.Lakers  – Brooklyn Nets 107-101 (Russell 39 p.)