Dallas winning the euro-way and amazing Kanter

Dallas winning the euro-way and amazing Kanter


The Dallas Mavericks have probably the greatest European player in their roster, Dirk Nowitzki, and they got the crucial for the playoffs race win over Houston the euro-way. With a 3 points lead and 4 seconds left, Dallas fouled in order to avoid a three-points shot that could have send the game to overtime.

This is a common practice in European basketball, but until recently it wasn’t used in the NBA with the most notorious example being the Spurs leading by 3 in Game 6 of the 2013 finals, not fouling and giving the chance to Ray Allen to send the game to overtime. After the 88-86 win, Dallas has a 40-38 record and the 7th spot in the West, Utah is 8th at 39-39 and Houston remains 9th at 38-40. Meanwhile Portland despite a monster game by Enes Kanter (33 p., 20 r.) got the 120-115 win over the Thunder and clinched a playoffs spot.

Results of the day

Indiana Pacers – Cleveland Cavaliers 123-109 (Mahinmi 15 p., 8 r.)
Orlando Magic – Detroit Pistons 104-108 (Vucevic 15 p., 13 r.)
Washington Wizards – Brooklyn Nets 121-103 (Gortat 16 p., 12 r.)
Boston Celtics – New Orleans Pelicans 104-97 (JErebko 6 p., 5 r.)
New York Knicks – Charlotte Hornets 97-111 (Vujacic 16 p.)
Dallas Mavericks – Houston Rockets 88-86 (Nowitzki 7 p., 6 r.)
Portland Trail Blazers – OKC Thunder 120-115 (Kanter 33 p., 20 r.)
L.A. Lakers – L.A. Clippers 81-91 (Bryant 17 p.)

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