Batum and Len lead the Euro-charge

Batum and Len lead the Euro-charge


It was a night full of spectacle in the NBA, as Damien Lillard scored 50 points, but Toronto managed to escape with the close win from Portland. And also some of the European stars of the league put their own show.

Frenchman Nicolas Batum for Charlotte and Ukrainian Alen Len of Phoenix were among the best, while Rudy Gobert had also big numbers but ended up in the wrong side of the highlight as you can see in the Top10.

Results of the day

Charlotte Hornets – Indiana Pacers 108-101 (Batum 31 p., 7 r., 4 as.)
Orlando Magic – Phoenix Sans 84-102 (Len 31 p., 15 r. 1 st.)
Philadelphia 76ers – Miami Heat 102-112 (Dragic 15 p., 11 as.)
Boston Celtics – New York Knicks 105-104 (Porzingis 15 p.)
Portlant Trail Blazers – Toronto Raptors 115-117 (Lillard 50 p.)
Cleveland Cavaliers – Washington Wizards 108-83 (Mozgov 14 p., 5 r.)
Memphis Grizzlies – Utah Jazz 94-88 (Gobert 13 p., 18 r., 5 bl.)
Milwaukee Bucks – Minessota Timberwolves 116-101 (Antetokounmpo 27 p., 9 r., 12 as.)
Denver Nuggets – Brooklyn Nets 120-121 (O/T) (Bogdanovic 17 p.)
L.A. Lakers – Atlanta Hawks 77-106 (Schroder 16 p.)